Monday, 22 June 2015

Why Safety Glasses are a Good Buy for Cyclists

Most cyclists buy sports glasses as part of their cycling gear, but safety glasses can work just as well and look just as stylish. Here are five reasons to consider buying safety glasses for your outdoor rides.

• They meet ANSI standards for safety, which means they resist breaking or cracking if hit at high speeds by objects kicked up from the road or flying in the air, and protect you from insects, dust and wind.
• They have UV and IR protection, which is certified by the safety regulators who oversee safety glasses manufacturing.
• They come with a pretty cheap price tag compared to a specialty sports glasses. Some are only around ten dollars or less, which also makes replacing them easy if you damage or lose them.
• Surprisingly, safety glasses also have the color tint options of the designer glasses: yellow or amber will make the world appear brighter and works well in low light; copper, orange, and brown enhance contrast and depth perception which makes it easier to see road conditions.
• These glasses also are made in a variety of fashionable styles, so they don’t just look like something you wear only for work. They can come with other amenities such as adjustable frames, nose pieces, anti-scratch lenses. Some brands are even fog free.

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